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Chia Yu Joy Chi is a 18-year old artist currently studying at Phillips Exeter Academy. Having grown up in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and after taking a couple after-school art classes growing up, she quickly developed a love for experimentation with a variety of art mediums, and for communicating her world view through these forms of art.


Chi enjoys delving into dystopian and post-war literature, through Lois Lowry's The Giver Quartet and Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go., and the thin line between fact and fiction. Her work is thus an exploration of the world around her, as well as of her own identity.

Published In:

Phillips Exeter Academy Notebook (PEAN)

The Exonian


The Exeter Bulletin

The Shannon Nissa Bailey Powers Senior Meditations Collection, 2023

The Asian Mag: The Wave

Professional Experience:

PEAN Director of Photography (2022–)

PEAN Assistant Director of Photography (2021–2022)

PEAN Photography Editor (2020–2021)

The Exonian Senior Photographer (2021–)

The Exonian Photography Editor (2020–2021)

Awards / Honors:

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

   - 1 National Silver Medal Award (Portfolio, the Anatomy of a disease)

   - 1 Gold Key (Portfolio, the Anatomy of a disease)

   - 6 Silver Keys (5 Art/Photography, 1 Writing)

   - 1 Bronze Key

   - 3 Honorable Mentions

Cover Art for the 2023 Shannon Nissa Bailey Powers Senior Meditations Collection

Collective Ground 22, Annual Advanced Student Art Showcase

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